About The Market

Welcome to the Homegrown Marin Market, a place to savor local culinary delights. Many of the sellers at the Market are aspiring cooks from around the Bay Area. Some are just folks who are drawn to the kitchen for their love of food. You know the type, give ‘em a pot, a stove, and a handful of ingredients, and voilé…heaven. The Homegrown Marin Market gives these culinary wizards a place to showcase their mouthwatering goodies and for you, our members, to relish in their creative cookery.

“It’s so beautifully arranged on the plate — you know someone’s fingers have been all over it.”

~ Julia Child

This is not just another farmers market. In order to sell at most area farmers markets sellers need to obtain costly permits and produce their food in a commercial kitchen. Many chefs who are just starting out are unable to cover this lofty expense.

The Homegrown Marin Market is a unique culinary club that serves as a launching pad for new food businesses, as well as an opportunity for those cooking just for fun to share their creations with others. Some are established businesses looking to expand their clientele. Some just cook to make their heart content.

But really, our members are the ones in for a real treat! This is your opportunity to try local artisan goods and savor all that Bay area fare has to offer. Visiting the Homegrown Marin Market means not only supporting local food entrepreneurs but transports you to a world of gastronomical pleasure.

To find out about the next Market, please sign-up above. Then step inside…and let your tastebuds do the talking.