Community Bullentin Board

Hey members/vendors, this is a space for you to network and share community news–are you seeking a shared kitchen space? Got a lead on a dynamite new food biz? Need advice on a recipe or packaging? Post your questions and feedback here:


3 Responses to “Community Bullentin Board”

  1. Lori Says:

    Yesterday the IJ mentioned you were featuring gluten-free tamales…where do you buy such items? Can’t find anywhere on your website that talks about specific products by alphabetical order….thank you.

    • Homegrown Marin Market Says:

      Hello and thank you for your inquiry. The gluten-free tamales featured at the last Homegrown Marin Market are produced by Luis Realpozo at Homeward Bound Culinary school. Orders of up to 10 tamales can be picked up at the Next Key Center in Novato. Please contact Maura Thurman at 415-382-3363 x213 or email at:
      ***Luis will be returning with more delicious tamales at the next Homegrown Marin Market NOV 6, 11-5p***
      (A list of November’s vendors is on the website)

  2. FRY BREAD Says:

    Anyone know of any indoor space available to sell really good Native American FRY BREAD? How about sharing space with other cooks and food vendors? Small space for carry out? Kiosk? Any ideas?

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